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Ian Eastwood's : "Doubt It" [Super Duper Kyle] - WOD LIVE '16

Ian Eastwood's : "Doubt It" [Super Duper Kyle] - WOD LIVE '16

Uploader: Ian Eastwood

Duration: 2:24

Date: September 13, 2016

VERY VERY proud of this piece right here. Listened to this song for the past three weeks while i've been traveling wanting to choreograph to it but never had time. I got back to LA after over a month of being gone and had four days before the performance. I had nothing done, I was thinking I might just do a demo of a piece I've already released like last year. But the past few months I have definitely been working super hard on being the best version of my self. I was originally supposed to land and start choreographing for a Kpop video that was due the day after my performance but it all got pushed back. So instead of using that time to move in and get settled in my new place (haha) i started this new piece from scratch and got this choreographed and staged in a workshop style with my phenomenal dancers in just over 6hrs spread out over 3 days. Shout out to my dancers for killing it with me and busting your asses to make this look so great and make me so proud. Shout out to Gerald for killing the front row. shout out to WOD & universal city walk for having me out. and shout out to kyle for the hottest new mp3 i listen to daily which you can listen too :

Dancers: Ian Eastwood, Sean Lew, Josh Price, Connor Gormley, Hugh Aparente, Charlize Glass, Marie Spieldnner, Isaiah Baluyot.

ALSO... of course I made this available for download. as always its ready to drop into iTunes and load on to your phone right after download :